Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO for Derby, Nottingham and East Midlands Businesses

Over 60% of all web traffic is commanded by the first three places in Google. 98% of all traffic comes from page one results and a page two position is nearly worthless.

A great looking website that languishes in the search rankings will not attract visitors and needs to be optimised, initially to reach page one and then pushed onwards to the top three positions.

We are recognised SEO professionals and publish best-practice articles on popular internet forums. We achieve prominent rankings with all types of clients ranging from well-known brands through to prominent celebrity dentists.

The process is two-fold:

On-site optimisation

This is where we ensure that the structure of the site is correct, including page titles, urls, keywords, inter-site linking, correct use of "heading" tags etc. This builds the essential platform for ongoing SEO and helps to determine the "relevancy" of the site for Google ranking. All of our new site builds incorporate professional on-site SEO as standard.

Off-site optimisation

This process considers the number of back-links to your site from other websites and determines the "authority" of your website as Google sees it. Links should be high-quality and relevant, not from unrelated sites or poor quality link networks. Low quality links can now harm a website and consequently any off-site SEO campaign must be run by a search marketing professional who understands and implements best practice.

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